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Utrecht University wants everyone to be able to use all the information on our website successfully. That is why we are paying attention to user-friendliness, accessibility and searchability.

The Temporary Decree on Digital Accessibility by the Government stipulates that government websites must meet accessibility requirements as laid down in EN 301 549/WCAG 2.1 and must be responsible for this in a published accessibility statement.

Accessibility statement does not meet the accessibility requirements. In our Accessibility Statement, we explain why we do not yet fully meet these requirements and how soon we expect to solve these shortcomings.

How do we work towards accessibility? is an overview page with hundreds of very diverse websites and pages that are managed entirely autonomously by various faculties and employees. It is difficult to have the many administrators of these websites draw up an individual accessibility statement for ’their’ website, with improvement measures and timelines, within the statutory time limit. That is why we have chosen to have the declaration for the overview page also apply to all websites mentioned on These websites and their ‘owners’ will be included as soon as organisation-wide improvement measures are implemented.

Overview of accessibility statements Utrecht University

Accessibility statements from websites other than, which are also the responsibility of Utrecht University, can be viewed in the register of accessibility statements.

Reporting accessibility problems

Are you encountering an accessibility problem? Or do you have a question or remark about accessibility? Then please contact us via